Love Masquerading

Love Masquerading: Relationship of Convenience


Two people could be in a relationship for different purposes and different reasons. It is particularly important for couples to analyze the reasons for their being together with their partner. They should determine if their feelings of love are mutual or one-sided. It is perfectly fine to have a different type of relationship with your partner; however, the need is to develop an emotional connection with each other.


We are presenting the 4 major signs of the relationship between the convenience of masquerading love below:


  1. Your partner does not plan a future with you:


If your partner is not considering settling with you in a long-term relationship, this could be a sign that they are not fully involved in a love relationship with you. Happy couples tend to plan their future with each other; your partner does not consider you a part of his or her future.


If things have been going like this for you, you should leave that relationship as soon as possible. However, you should find another partner, and you can get the assistance of to get the ideal partner for a lifetime commitment.


  1. You are not a priority of your partner


People find time for their partners in a healthy love relationship. They prioritize their partners over their work and all other things. If your partner is not making you a priority of their life, they might not have seriously involved in the relationship. They desire to spend time according to their easiness and convenience level. This is another sign of the relationship of convenience, which will assist you in finding and rectifying your relationship.


If you find that your partner is with you only when he or she is free and there is no special fixed time frame which he or she can spend with you then it is an alarming situation.


  1. The incapability of taking necessary decisions


People in a love relationship often consider their partner while taking an important decision. They care and consider their association in deciding about their future. However, this might be missing in the relationship of convenience, when partners might be selfish in thinking and giving their opinions about a certain thing.


They will focus on their own needs and wants, and your opinion will have no worth for them. It is a clear indication that it is a relation of convenience.


  1. You both are not emotionally connected


Having brilliant emotional connectivity is the key ingredient of healthy relationships. These couples will communicate to solve their conflicts and build an emotional connection. On the other hand, people living in a convenience relationship might be sharing their problems with others because of a lack of emotional connection.


You will not be the first person to whom your partner will call in the hours of need. It indicates a communication gap that is created due to less emotion connectivity.


You should demonstrate your relationship with these signs to recognize the validity of your relationship. You can always get assistance from the experts of

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