Long Lasting Relationship, How to Build Trust in One

Long-Lasting Relationship, How to Build Trust in One

Deep trust can only be earned over time, yet it can be lost in a second. Trusting someone means that you believe their words, actions and intentions are aligned with your best interests


A  long-lasting relationship is meant to be a space where both partners feel safe and secure, but without trust, this warm and happy feeling isn’t possible. There are two important elements to trusting another person; the first is honesty, and the second is loyalty.

When you have met your perfect partner on GoMarry.com, you will want to begin building a beautiful life together, one that is based on a solid foundation of trust. The following piece will help you equip yourself with the right kind of armor to make a long-lasting relationship.


Honesty in Words, Actions, and Reactions

Trust goes hand in hand with honesty. If you lie to your partner, even out of insecurity without a malicious intention, sooner or later your lies will be exposed. When they are, all of the trust in the relationship will be eroded. And even if your forgiving partner still wants you around, you will need to begin rebuilding from scratch.


Lies have the ability to spread insecurity like a contagious illness, lodging in your partner’s heart and mind. They may wonder why you lied to them and begin to doubt themselves, leaving you with a whole new set of problems. Two insecure people in a relationship is a recipe for disaster.

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So honesty is the best policy when it comes to building trust. But honesty is far more than just telling the truth when asked about, or volunteering, the happenings in your life. Your words need to consistently align with actions for them to be believable.


So honesty is just as much about commitment to future promises as it is about present facts. This expands to your reactions to news, information or physical stimuli. Your facial expression, body language, and tone will give away the truth anyway. Hence, honesty is the best policy when it comes to forming a long-lasting relationship.


Saying “I love you” is far easier than proving it. To gain the trust of your significant other, you will need to show them through your words, actions, and reactions that you can be relied upon.

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Open Relationships and Trust

These days open relations have become increasingly popular even within committed emotionally exclusive relationships. However, the success rate is marginal and opening up your relationship to a third (or fourth or fifth…) person is like playing with fire. There’s a high chance that you will get burnt.

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Being in an open relationship is kind of like dreaming about living in the wild, but when you finally venture into the wilderness you end up sleeping with one eye open. Likewise, in an open relationship one or both of you will naturally feel paranoid and insecure.


When your partner innocently sends his or her mom a message. You will be left wondering if it’s that hot cutie you saw them chatting to at your friends’ barbecue last week. Your mind will also begin to stray into the realms of self-doubt when you are in the bedroom. Not a very bonding or sexy experience. So to maintain the trust rather just keep it monogamous.

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