Showing Affection

Showing Affection: When it’s not Coming Naturally


Having similar interests with your partner is extremely beneficial in a healthy relationship. You might have the same likes and dislikes concerning food, movies, clothing, and other life choices. However, despite all these things, you can still feel difficulty in demonstrating affection in the relationship. The concept of affection could vary to different people. Some describe it as a physical touch in the relationship, which is responsible for releasing the good hormones during the act of loving our partners. According to the Kary Floyd from Psychology Today, the significant reason for hugging, holding hands, and touching our partner feels great because of the release of the Oxytocin in the body. If you have been facing issues in showing affection to your partner naturally, then here are some of the ways to bring affection in your relationship and reduce the feelings of neglect to be more affectionate towards your partner:

  1. Determine the Love Language in Your Relationship

It is perfectly fine to show care and offer favors in different ways in the relationship; however, if your interest in showing affection does not match with your partner’s, then it could lead to different problems in the relationship. People have different methods of describing their love in the relationship. You might feel connected by receiving gifts, sweet words of affirmation, or by physical connection with your partner. Spend some time in determining the love language in your relationship. Dr. Gary Chapman described five different love languages, such as quality time, receiving gifts, physical touch, and acts of service. You can spend some time in knowing about your partner’s love language to show affection in their preferred method.

  1. Describe Your Feelings

If you do not feel connected and loved by your partner, then try to communicate those feelings with your partner. Try to be honest and positive in describing your concerns; however, it is important not to criticize, but demonstrate that you need your partner more than anything else.

Describe the purpose of communicating your concerns is to bring the right kind of affection in the relationship. It will help your partner to be more affectionate towards you in the relationship. You can always consult with and get the perfect relationship advice.

  1. Try To Be Receptive To Your Partner’s Affection

Bringing affection in the relationship is the responsibility of both partners’ in the relationship. Opening and connecting deeply with your partner about past relationship experiences and present concerns will foster your connection with them. However, you can sign up at to get their assistance in making a perfect relationship.

  1. Take a Pause

We can face difficulty in showing affection to our partner in the relationship depending on the different views of people regarding expressing love. There could be situations when your partner is not emotionally connected or available to offer a hug; however, he or she is okay in doing other tasks and chores for you. Give a pause to yourself and think about the things which attract you towards your partner. If you find that you are unable to respond in spite of trying times and again then it is the time to move on and sign in at

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