What's The Point in Rebuilding A Broken Relationship

What’s The Point in Rebuilding A Broken Relationship?

Hurt is inevitable in significant relationships. However, it does not mean your relationship is going to a dead end. If you work through the hard phases of your relationship, you’ll make it even stronger


When your relationship is going through a bad phase, you have a choice; go for rebuilding a broken relationship,  bring it back to normal or put it out of its’ misery. If there is still love between both of you, you can try to rebuild it.


Initiate a polite and friendly dialogue

If any of you are looking forward to rebuilding a broken relationship. You can initiate a conversation to express your feelings. A simple ‘hi’ or quick invite is enough. But send only one or two messages initially and wait for his/her response.

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Feel and express unconditional love

You must make space in your life so that you could reconnect with your partner. Think about the good qualities of your partner that originally attracted you when you first met at GoMarry.com. Can you find a way to forgive yourself and your partner for breaking the relationship? You should not make your partner accountable anymore.


Be honest

Always be honest, even when you disagree. Deceit can further worsen the situation and it will never help you rebuild your broken relationship. You should neither be defensive nor offensive, but honest in an argument.


Listen to your partner

Seek first to understand, and then be understood. You must listen to the concerns and issues of your partner. You must hold back your own emotional reactions and interpretations while listening to your partner. Listen beyond her words for nonverbal signs of emotion.

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Think about your partner’s feeling

Sometimes, we get stuck with our own emotions and doesn’t care what makes our partner upset. This attitude drags arguments out for days and days. Take a pause and think what your mistakes are, that makes your partner unhappy. Never be afraid to admit it if you find yourself in the wrong. All of us make mistakes. The important thing is to own these in a relationship rather than trying to avoid or ignore them.


Act immediately

Remember, you don’t have enough time left. So you need to act immediately to rebuild your broken relationship. It is never enough to simply talk about your issues together and doing nothing to address them.

For example, if your partner thinks he works all the time, you must enlist the responsibilities and try to share them. If he feels there is a lack of romance, plan a weekend trip to some exotic destination. If your partner feels he is unloved or marginalized, make a point to listen more and talk less during dinner and before bed.


Forgive each other

Of course, it’s the hardest part of rebuilding a relationship but it’s really important. Forgiveness helps to come out of pain and sorrows. Forgiveness helps us in rebuilding a broken relationship.


Remember why you fell in love

Take a break and think about what you enjoy with your partner. What made you attract to your partner when you saw him on GoMarry.com. it will help you to let go of the negative thoughts.

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