What Are Different Stages of Relationship Development

What Are Different Stages of Relationship Development

There are several stages of a relationship. From early crush to growing mature into the relationship, it develops after passing successfully through them


Going successfully through stages of a relationship means two of you have learnt the true art of give and take.  All relationships are different in some ways however we tend to see the development of relationships form in very similar ways.

Whether your partner is someone you found through a well-trusted marriage only matchmaking site like GoMarry. Or you met each other at work; you will see similarities in how your relationship grows.

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This article will help you find out which stage is your relationship in?



The attraction is one of the foremost stages of a relationship. We all start here to some degree. Even if your new partner is someone you have known for years.  There will be an element of attraction that gets the wheels turning on the relationship progression.

As mammals, our instincts start with what we see and we are driven by our desires. This stage of any relationship can be full of anticipation and excitement. You probably won’t be able to stop thinking about your significant other. And you will most likely spend all of your spare moments talking to each other.

This stage, for all of us, makes us feel like we are young again. Attraction and lust can be mistaken for infatuation so be wary not to start dropping any L-Bombs too soon! We can get very caught up in feeling good and it can sometimes take over our rational brains. Don’t rush things, enjoy and savour this stage of your relationship.


Settling In

So, you have spent all your waking time talking to each other and getting to know one another on a romantic level. In the stages of a relationship, here comes the next stage of development for your budding romance.

It will include getting to know each other on every other level. You won’t see each other as just a lustful and romantic person, you will begin to see the person beyond all of this. This is my favourite stage of a relationship; where you become friends.

Now, for some of you lucky souls, your significant other was already your friend which is amazing but this does not make you an exception to the rule! If you were friends before, this settling in phase will include navigating your new relationship and remaining friends. It’s all very exciting and brings again, more anticipation when your stomach is in knots from all the butterflies.

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Finding your Feet

You’ve explored the romance and you’ve explored your friendship.  Now you get to find your feet together in creating a life that works for both of you. You will find routines form and habits develop; some you will love and some you will hate.

At this point, you’ll probably experience the most arguments! We are sorry to say it but that is “make or break”. Learning how to navigate through an argument together will be a crucial learning opportunity for you both. Read: Win an Argument

This is where you will learn how each other behaves in dispute and how things are resolved. Some people’s conflict styles just don’t mix and this may be the time that those not meant to be will decide the love isn’t enough.


Life Together

You love each other, even when you fight so this is now the time you begin building a life together. Maybe you consider living together, or getting married or starting a family. This is your chance to be in your own “happily ever after”. We can’t guarantee it will be perfect but if you find your perfect partner, all the other stuff just washes away.

Your significant other becomes your best friend and confidante, your partner in crime and your lover all wrapped up into one messy package that you can’t help but adore. It won’t be all sunshine and rainbows, but life will just feel so much better together. Go you.


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