What Are The Flirting Signs Guys Miss All The Time

What Are The Flirting Signs Guys Miss All The Time

I don’t know about you, but there have definitely been times in my life, especially when I was a much younger man, when a girl was flirting with me and I had absolutely no idea. My friends pointed it out to me and I found out that she was flirting, and by that time it was too late


It definitely made me question myself and my ability to read the flirting signs. So I spoke to my sister and her friends, getting some information about how I can tell if a girl is flirting with me. Now, I’m going to share this information with you and help you to know when she is flirting with you.


She approaches you

First things first; if a girl approaches you and talks to you first, don’t just assume she is being polite, as this is definitely not the case. She is coming over to talk to you because she likes what she sees. Show her that you are more than just a pretty face and that there is the substance behind those looks she likes.


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If you are talking to a girl and she giggles a lot, then this is a sure-fire sign that she likes you and is flirting with you. Usually, when a girl giggles at the things you say. It is accompanied by a touch on the arm. If both of these flirting signs happen then you are definitely in a great situation with her, so get flirting back.


Body language

Learn how to read her body language, as it is going to be a great way to tell that she is flirting with you.

If she holds eye contact with you for a little bit longer than is normal, then she is flirting with you.

And if she plays with her hair, then she is flirting with you.

If she mirrors your own body language then she is flirting with you.

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So make sure you keep your eyes open for this.


She agrees with you

If the girl you are chatting to agrees with everything you say. Well! it is flirting sign that tells she is flirting with you. She wants you to see that you have so much in common so that you will like her back, even if she doesn’t actually mean it. She just wants you to like her, so she isn’t going to risk that by disagreeing with what you say.

So there you have it. If you are one of those guys who has been missing the signs of a girl flirting with you and you had no idea about it, then you just need to become more aware. Keep a checklist in your mind and make sure that you notice exactly what it is she is doing. Remember the points that I have mentioned above and you are going to have much more success when it comes to flirting with women. Visit GoMarry.com and find true love. Good luck.

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