What are the Signs that You’re Dating a Woman Not a Girl

What are the Signs that You’re Dating a Woman Not a Girl

When we say there is a difference between women and girls we are not talking about the age difference. As a matter of fact, we’re talking about the difference in maturity levels. Women have it, and girls don’t



If you are eager for dating a woman, make sure you know the difference between a woman and a girl. We all know that there are certain ‘women’ who look younger than girls. The difference is all about maturity and certainty.

Well, there are some clear signs to identify whether or not the person you’re interested in has a woman or girl mentality. Next time, you’ll clearly identify that you are dating a woman. Just go through the signs mentioned below.


 Woman wants respect while girl wants attention

You are dating a woman if your lady wants you to respect her. A woman thinks analytically and logically and doesn’t allow you to cross your limits. On the other hand, girls will put their needs aside and let you walk all over them.

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Women are not trendy

Women have their own sense of fashion and they usually don’t follow trends in the industry. If the lady is constantly changing her looks and adapting the latest trends then you’re dating a girl. Girls take influence from their surroundings while women stay cool and calm and do what suits them. Women have their own passion and hobbies, they do not need confirmation from others.


Women are not obsessive about social media

Selfies, check-ins, status updates and so forth are all plays of the imbeciles if you expect your woman to do all that. Girls can’t wait to change their relationship status and to post a picture on Facebook with their boyfriends. Women don’t bother about such issues. They’re so busy with their lives that they often forget about their Facebook account.

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Women are vocal while girls want their boyfriend to read their minds

Women use words to describe their feelings while girls want you to know what they’re thinking. Girls look for a guy who ‘understands’ them so well that he knows what is on their mind.


Women show more wisdom as compared to girls

Women have a better knowledge of life and how the world functions. Girls are often self-centered and they want to live in dreams. Women think logically and they want to be a contributor to society. They even know about global affairs and have individual opinions about these matters. Girls do not have a clue of what it is.


Women are independent but girls are not

A Woman is independent, unlike a girl who needs permission or guidance for almost everything she does. So dating a girl can be a tough experience. Women make their own decisions so you can develop a quick relationship with them. Such relationships are full of excitement and fun!


Women have life experience

Girls lack in life experience. Women have all the experience and they can handle the pressure and they can face a tough situation confidently. This is a big problem for those who have not seen the world in realistic terms. If your girlfriend is giving you valuable advice that is helping you a lot; you are dating a woman. If you’re looking to grab the chance of dating a woman or girl, GoMarry.com is the right place to find the perfect match.

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